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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Visions of the Sea - Full Documentary

Δείτε το καταπληκτικό Ντοκυμαντέρ VISIONS OF THE SEA σε Full Screen...!!
Ενα συναρπαστικό ταξίδι στους Ωκεανούς μέ όμορφη μουσική....

 VISIONS OF THE SEA is a glimpse into another world. Behold a dazzling variety of shapes and a rainbow of colors as you meet an amazing assortment of creatures-from tiny, single-celled organisms to massive mammals, from the beautiful to the "icky.
Travel more than a mile and half underwater where "living fossils" thrive, then experience the thrill of breaking the surface with a humpback whale. Float through hundreds of thousands of jellyfish as if in a dream and join a herd of hammerhead sharks on the hunt.

Tour the architectural artistry of coral like an underwater tourist, so mesmerized you will find yourself falling for the camouflage deceptions of the cuttlefish. Featuring the underwater photographic artistry of Al Giddings, "the American Cousteau," stunning imagery is paired with informative narration and a soundtrack that embodies the eclectic rhythms of life in the ocean as it moves from big band to classical to new age.

VISIONS-® OF THE SEA is the ultimate underwater adventure

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